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MAR 11 - Check out our garden and composting guides                            


Before and After

Here are some examples of gardens we recently designed and built for clients. This is prideful work where we have helped families establish detailed growing plans and taught them how to utilize their own space to yield an abundance of fresh, organic vegetables. If you are interested in having us design and build your garden, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to make your garden dreams come true.

BBF's 10-Step Guide to a Successful Veggie Garden
Download the PDF Guide


Composting is an easy way to utilize your plant and solid food remains to enrich your soil year after year. We can design and build a variety of compost bins to meet your needs. We highly recommend a compost bin be considered if you are interested in operating an efficient garden. If you already have a vegetable garden but require a compost bin, we are available to design and build one for you.

BBF's Composting Guide
Download the PDF Guide


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Farmer’s Market Photos

Public farmer’s markets provide consumers the unique opportunity to purchase fresh farm-grown produce while directly supporting growers. Such venues help promote improved nutritional habits while educating consumers about where their food comes from all while supporting the local economy. Please stop by our stand at the West Tisbury (MA) Farmer’s Market this growing season. Here is a sampling of some of the items you can purchase at our farm stand…